Second Chances

I can’t believe I am going to start this post quoting from Oprah Magazine.  And I quote it for a very simple reason, when I googled the words second chance it was one of the first links to come up: Here’s the first truth about second chances: They rarely happen by chance. Oh, the first one, sure, is often concentrated pure luck, but first chances are notorious for fizzling out, derailing. At which point, everyone … More Second Chances

So It Goes…

All the world like a woolen lover once did seem on Henry’s side. Then came a departure. Thereafter nothing fell out as it might or ought. I don’t see how Henry, pried open for all the world to see, survived. John Berryman, Dream Song 1 When I left home for college, I knew I was an artist. … More So It Goes…

Voodoo Child

When I was about 13 together with some of my friends we’d soak tennis balls with lighter fluid, set them on fire, and then kick them around in a circle and watch them burn. It was pretty fun to watch the trails of fire as we kicked the ball around. And then the Crash Worship … More Voodoo Child


Darkroom work is slow and solitary.  The privacy in my current lab in the far corner of a basement allows me to think without interruption.  The room is painted a soothing medium gray from a Kodak test patch.  I don’t bring a phone, and I can’t hear anything on the other side of the door.  … More Safelights