35mm Outtakes

If you scroll back over some of my previous posts, you can see that I recently returned from a month long residency at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. I know I’ve written this here before, but I spent my time at MacDowell working on a book project about my life in Denver, now called Denver … More 35mm Outtakes

The Newest Ones

I’ve spent most of the last 8-10 months finishing two book projects and starting a third.  With these things behind me, and those first two books on the market, I’ve started to reengage my pictures from Indonesia. The seeds were planted in 2011, but really between 2014-2016, I pursued a number of large projects in … More The Newest Ones


Please find a way to respond to the hateful, unAmerican policies of Trump administration.  Sign Elizabeth Warren’s petition to investigate Trump’s taxes, donate to Planned Parenthood, or contribute to the Muslim Public Affairs Council.  We cannot let our nation enter into this vision of darkness and hatred.