Dream Time

I haven’t posted here in quite a while, but want to jot down a recent dream. Not only was it really amazing and worth sharing, but more so, I simply don’t want to forget it. It was set along a beach. According the narration of the dream, along the coast of Maine, but there was … More Dream Time

Second Chances

I can’t believe I am going to start this post quoting from Oprah Magazine.  And I quote it for a very simple reason, when I googled the words second chance it was one of the first links to come up: Here’s the first truth about second chances: They rarely happen by chance. Oh, the first one, sure, is often concentrated pure luck, but first chances are notorious for fizzling out, derailing. At which point, everyone … More Second Chances

So It Goes…

All the world like a woolen lover once did seem on Henry’s side. Then came a departure. Thereafter nothing fell out as it might or ought. I don’t see how Henry, pried open for all the world to see, survived. John Berryman, Dream Song 1 When I left home for college, I knew I was an artist. … More So It Goes…

Voodoo Child

When I was about 13 together with some of my friends we’d soak tennis balls with lighter fluid, set them on fire, and then kick them around in a circle and watch them burn. It was pretty fun to watch the trails of fire as we kicked the ball around. And then the Crash Worship … More Voodoo Child


Darkroom work is slow and solitary.  The privacy in my current lab in the far corner of a basement allows me to think without interruption.  The room is painted a soothing medium gray from a Kodak test patch.  I don’t bring a phone, and I can’t hear anything on the other side of the door.  … More Safelights

Bright, Bright Day

I recently completed a small-edition, self-published book, Bright, Bright Day. The pictures in the book were all made in the fall of 2018 using a Fuji Instax camera. Bright, Bright Day also references The Dhammapada, the classic Buddhist text. The book quotes passages from The Dhammapada that view the world as illusion, and offer guidance for finding new sources for … More Bright, Bright Day