More and More

So anyway….. I’ve had a lot going on lately, really in every corner of my life. And I’ve been keeping very busy with my work. My book with Oxford University Press is in design and production, and will be out this summer.  And one of my projects in Indonesia – an exhibition of contemporary photography… More More and More

Off the Back Burner

The past few years, I’ve been pursuing a number of different large, long-term projects.  The past year a half, I’ve really been focusing on my manuscript for Oxford University Press.  This manuscript is finalized, and going into production now. With this book approaching resolution, I’ve again begun refocusing on one of my projects in Indonesia. Between… More Off the Back Burner

Draft Introduction

In the wake of completing my manuscript with Oxford University Press – Alternative Photographic Processes:  Technique, History, and Creative Practice – I’ve initiated another manuscript.  This book will be a historical survey of photography in Indonesia, given the working title A History of Photography in Indonesia:  From the Colonial Era to the Early 21st Century.  My draft… More Draft Introduction