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With my project at the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University back in play, I am pleased to report that I am also developing a book project to document some of my recent work in Java. I am going to make a book/catalog with Afterhours Books – a…

My Life

I guess the last week I’ve been going back and rediscovering some poems that have really resonated with my over the years. Today I have been reading this poem by Mark Strand, My Life. MY LIFE The huge doll of my body refuses to rise. I am the toy of women. My mother would prop me… More My Life


Some years ago, I had a poem by Billy Collins that I cut out of the New Yorker taped to the wall of my studio. It’s called Earth. EARTH The sun is clear and torchlike on this cool October morning, all I am aware of is the sensation of its steady heat on my upturned face.… More Earth

Like Glass

Do you ever have those days in which you feel much more fragile than all the others? KEEPING THINGS WHOLE In a field/I am the absence/of field./This is/always the case./Wherever I am/I am what is missing. When I walk/I part the air/and always/the air moves in/to fill the spaces/where my body’s been. We all have… More Like Glass