The Inspired Life

ADVICE  TO YOUNG ARTISTS The life of an artist is inspired, self sufficient and independent (unrelated to society). The direction of attention of an artist is towards mind in order to be aware of inspiration. Following inspiration life unfolds free of any influence. Finally the artist recognizes himself in the work and is happy and… More The Inspired Life

Sal Paradise

Few people know that the city of Denver figured prominently in the lives and development of The Beats. Art is an illusion, for I do not act Dwell or Depart – with faithful merriment, My thoughts, though skeptic, are in sacrament, Holy prayer for knowledge of pure fact.  It’s not that I’m a big fan… More Sal Paradise

Astral Plane

If it is possible to break the space/time continuum in our consciousness, it can only happen in dreams (or maybe with psychedelic drugs). There is this documentary film I’ve always liked (calling it a documentary might be a little too generous – a very romanticized type of anthropology), The Dream Wanderers of Borneo. It is the final film… More Astral Plane