Looking Back

This morning I began thinking about that poem by Wallace Stevens The Man on the Dump.  There is a particular line in the poem that resonated with my thoughts, which then in turn got me to look back on 2017, what this year has been for me.  So before I get to the Stevens’ passage I … More Looking Back

The Invention of Photography, the Netherlands, and the Dutch East Indies

In effort to keep developing my ideas for this new book I am preparing on Indonesia photography (if you refer back), I am posting another draft chapter here.  This chapter will be the first in the book, looking at the invention of photography, it’s impact in the Netherlands, and ultimately it’s spread into the Dutch … More The Invention of Photography, the Netherlands, and the Dutch East Indies

Draft Excerpt #2

If you scroll back to my last post, you will recall that I am currently working on a new book about the history of photography in Indonesia.  This book will be a comprehensive history of photography from Indonesia.  Rather than writing the whole thing, I am writing a few chapters, and then soliciting writers from around … More Draft Excerpt #2

Draft Excerpt

I am working on putting together a new book.  I released two earlier this year, one published by Oxford University Press that is both a history and technical introduction to some different photographic processes, and the other a study of contemporary art photography in Java, co-published by Cornell University and Afterhours Books in Jakarta. This … More Draft Excerpt

Dream Time

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything here, over 5 months, but I am trying to get back at it.  I had a dream last night that I wanted to get down, and that seems like a reasonable place to get started again.  Before going into the dream, it requires a little … More Dream Time

Religious Studies

When I was still a student in high school, I participated on a summer trip for students.  We spent about 6 weeks traveling from Athens to London, with stops in Italy, Austria, Germany, France, and Brussels.  This was really an eye-opening experience for me.  Not only was it my first experience abroad, but it was … More Religious Studies