Bright, Bright Day

I recently completed a small-edition, self-published book, Bright, Bright Day.


The pictures in the book were all made in the fall of 2018 using a Fuji Instax camera.


Bright, Bright Day also references The Dhammapada, the classic Buddhist text.


The book quotes passages from The Dhammapada that view the world as illusion, and offer guidance for finding new sources for light and freedom from pain.

rainy window

The small, cheap, and disposable quality of the one-of-a-kind photographs fit the spirit of the text, offering fleeting looks at the impermanence of daily life.


Contact me if you are interested in seeing more of the book or ordering a copy!


Bright, Bright Day; Kumquat Editions, Ithaca, NY 2019; edition of 25

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