Nevertheless He Persisted

I can’t tell a lie, sometimes I feel full of confusion and anger.


I might even say at times these days feel like more than I can handle, to constantly be confronted by lies and hypocrisy.  And to see the things I value in life assaulted by such a corrupt administration.  Fucking Bannon and Trump.

Bandung Map.jpg

But I keep moving forward, finding a way to be what I need to be, to voice the things I believe.

tree and cart.jpg

William Carlos Williams, an artist and human being I admire a great deal, once wrote in his great poem Asphodel:

My heart rouses/thinking to bring you news/of something/that concerns you/and concerns many men.  Look at/what passes for the new./You will not find it there but in/despised poems./It is difficult/to get the news from poems/yet men die miserably every day/for lack/of what is found there./Hear me out/for I too am concerned/and every man/who wants to die at peace in his bed/besides.

I first read this passage in a book of photographs by Emmet Gowin, a book that I first discovered when my interest in photography first began.  It’s a book  I return to time and again..

computing and rubble

I read this poem often; Williams gives me strength when I need it.  I have to believe that poetry matters.  And like Williams, in facing hard times I want to believe that the substance of poetry holds the real news.


I can get too caught up in reading about politics sometimes, trying to get a better understanding of all this chaos.  And that can take a lot of time and energy.


But I keep making new pictures, and trying to forge new thinking with my pictures.  I’m working on two things – a mock-up of my next book (photographs made in Denver), and sorting through a pile of pictures I have made in Java over the last few years.  All the pictures here are from recent trips to Indonesia.


I know it’s not much, but it’s what I do.  It’s how I make sense of all this chaos.  Photography matters.



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