Excerpts from the City Journals

The past few years I’ve been bouncing my photographic pursuits back and forth between Denver and Indonesia.


I just recently returned from a month long residency at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.  I spent my time there trying to transform a large pile of prints and notes into a draft for my next book, a book of pictures about my life in Denver.


While working at MacDowell, I pulled out pictures I made in Denver and across Colorado dating back to 1991, really trying to better understand my own history as a photographer and how that relates to my time back West.


In processing it all during my residency, I also made 3 zines.  I made them all as a way to help create new thought processes about my pictures, and to find ways to make new kinds of connections with all of the pictures and material I had gathered over the years.


In recent years, I have collected old family snapshots, some of my first pictures while still a student, scans of newspapers of major stories I remember as a kid, and little pieces of writing from my old journals, and all with the ambition of putting together a broader narrative that is both a personal history, but also a history of the city.


The zines provide a quick and improvisational way to work through ideas that mix all of these different visual sources.


All of the pictures and spreads here are from one of the zines I completed at MacDowell, Excerpts from the City Journals.  It is all hand-printed on a high quality drawing paper, and staple bound.  Included is a short fragment from an early writing by the Situationist International.  The fragment is from an essay my Ivan Chtcheglov called “Formulary for a New Urbanism.”


The goal is still to bring this work to a larger, more complete and ambitious publication of my photographs from Denver, and I think the zines can help pave the way.



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