Fear and Anxiety

This wasn’t a good day.  It was all talk of walls and hatred.


I’m not sure I can survive the next four years, the Trump administration might break me.


Today the Trump administration declared an official war on the media, and really publicly came out with a blatant disregard for facts and honesty.  It took a toll on me, and my afternoon was clouded with fear and anxiety.


I spent this evening drinking a glass of whisky and flipping through the fantastic book by Michael Christopher Brown, Libyan Sugar.


In the most succinct way, the book is about the Arab Spring and the fall of Libya.


Brown’s book reminds me of Ed Grazda’s first book on Afghanistan, or Bill Burke’s books on Vietnam and Cambodia.


Libyan Sugar is full of bravery and insight, and somehow seemed like the right way for me to spend my night.


All signs of the Trump administration point towards complete disaster, and I am having a hard time shaking my fear, anger and anxiety, so thus I am not sure I can withstand the next four years.  It’s a broken world we live in, and tonight it just feels like it is breaking into sharper pieces.



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