Theater for the New City

I just returned home from a month long residency at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.


I feel like it was a really productive time for me.  I focused primarily on a book project I am trying to put together with some pictures I’ve made in Denver the past few years.


I worked on putting together my work from Denver in two ways.  My primary goal was to put together a completed sequence (or at least a solid draft) of photographs for my book proposal.  I also made a series of zines, each about the development of my life and work in Denver.


from Formulary for a New Urbanism

By Ivan Chtcheglov


We are bored in the city, there is no longer any Temple of the Sun.  Between the legs of a  woman…the Dadaists imagined a monkey wrench and the Surrealists a crystal cup.  That’s lost…The poetry of billboards lasted twenty years.

And you, forgotten, your memories ravaged by all the consternations of two hemispheres, stranded in the Red Cellars of Pali-Kao, without music and without geography, no longer seeing the hacienda where the roots think of the child and where the wine is finished from an old almanac.  Now that is finished.  You’ll never see the hacienda.  It doesn’t exist.

The hacienda must be built.

Translated by Ken Knabb, Bureau of Secret Places


The first of these zines, Theater for the New City, is made with some of the first photographs I ever made, way back in 1991 or 1992.  The pictures were made in along the train tracks of Colorado Springs, CO, or along the streets of NYC.  The prints are all small and cheap, made in a drugstore in Colorado Springs, both color and black and white.


When I made the pictures, I was very influenced by the work of The Situationists International.  An early text by the collective is included in the zine.


Assembling these provided a great opportunity for developing the thoughts and history behind my larger project in Denver.  Plus I kind of like them as discreet objects.



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