By the Pizza Hut

This past August, I spent a couple of weeks in Jakarta conducting business.  One grey, dreary, hot, and humid afternoon, I broke from the norm and walked to a Pizza Hut up the street from my hotel for a quick lunch.


I remember the feeling of the day well.  It was grey and harsh, and yet still full of the chaos, noise and traffic of any day in Jakarta.


As I neared the Pizza Hut, I was struck by an unexpected sight, a completely demolished home, with no attempt to clean the rubble.  Amidst all the trash and bricks and glass and wood, I could still see the lives of the family that lived there before it all came apart.


Behind the rubble of the home, there were some cellphone towers, and even visible just beyond, the silver minaret and dome of a neighborhood mosque.


I tiptoed through it all making pictures, but being careful not to injury myself within the harsh landscape of this life once lived.  And then I went an ate a pizza.  All a little surreal on such a harsh and grey day in Jakarta.


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