A New Shape

The last several years, I have been working on three pretty large projects.


And all of them are taking shape.  I have two books coming out in the next month, and then the third project is closer to completion than it has ever been.


In 2011, I was part of a group exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, Dirty Pictures.  I was born and raised in Denver, but moved away in 1996, and have been living in the Northeast ever since.  I returned to Denver to arrange my contributions to the show, and fell in love with the city.  After being away for 15 years, I finally had an appreciation for how unique a place it is, and have been returning to make pictures the last 4-5 years.


From the beginning, the whole time I’ve been making these pictures, I’ve imagined a book.  I’ve always conceived of this project as a photographic memoir, and a book just seemed like the right form for it.


I’ve been making pictures in Denver over the past years whenever time and money have allowed.  I’ve been jotting down ideas, making prints, and trying to imagine what this project should look like in the end.  That said, however, the bulk of my attention has gone to my other projects these past years, the two books I have coming out next month.


This past month, all that has changed.  I’ve delved into this project like never before.  I am closer to having a sequence and draft of the book together than ever before.


I’m calling it Denver Revisited.  The project is a mix of several different ideas.  Most of the photographers are my own made in recent years, though there are some all family snapshots and pictures I’ve culled from different archives and libraries around the city.


There is a written component as well.  The text really just comes in small snippets, mostly my own, but also includes some writing from Robert Adams, an iconic American photographer who did his most influential work in Colorado while I was growing up.


I can’t tell a lie, it feels good to be bringing this all together, and I do hope to see it realized in the book I’ve imagined this last few years, and hopefully before too much longer.



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