I am spending the month of January at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, and yet I also feel like I am spanning the world.


Part of it is the view outside my studio, a wonderful glimpse into a unique corner of the world.


Working here has also been an incredible privilege.  The people here are amazing, and I have been extremely productive.


My goal when I arrived was to work on putting together a solid draft of a book of photographs I am making about Denver.


This narrative is constructed with photographs I’ve made working in Denver the past 4-5 years, as well as different archival pictures, snapshots, and old pictures I made when I first started photographing.


This all came together very quickly.  I feel I have a pretty solid sequence developed, and I have also completed three zines working with my collection of photographs from Denver.


(I often make zines as a way to sketch through new ideas, or to supplement longer projects.  This particular zine, Theater for the New City, is made with some of the first photographs I ever made, all from Colorado Springs and my first trip to New York City, all pictures made in the spring of 1991.)


With so many goals for my Denver project accomplished early in my time here, I’ve gone on to proofing pictures from Indonesia, all made between 2014-2016.


So you see, here in MacDowell I am still traveling back and forth from Denver to Java and back to New Hampshire again.  There is so much to see from the window in my studio.



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