This Day (Or I Seem to be a Verb)


I picked up this book in a used bookstore recently, and I really love the idea.  Of course Buckminster Fuller was incredibly interesting and multifaceted, but what I love about this book is the emphasis that we are all always in the process of becoming


I’ve been keeping busy lately.


I returned from a month in Java at the end of August, immediately started moving, started teaching again, and have several other projects in various stages of completion.


I’ve worked on a number of different grant applications, and then I just got some color film developed – pictures from Java, as well film dating back to a trip I made to Denver this past February.


I had a strange day today.  I just couldn’t do the work I needed to do.


So I made some crude color corrections, really first tinkerings with these recently developed negatives.


Five or six years ago, photographer Robert Adams released a book called This Day.  The premise of the book is that everyday matters, that our time here is limited, and we need to live as though everyday is important and holds possibilities for discovery and meaning.


These proofs are crude, but everyday matters.  I had to do something to engage my work, to do something that felt like something.


It all comes full circle – I Seem to be a Verb – always moving forward.  Nothing here is done, but I like to think that it is becoming something.


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