17 Hours and 701 Miles

On Friday, I drove from Ithaca, NY to Winchester, MA and back in a day.  I went for a meeting I had scheduled at the Griffin Museum of Photography, in an attempt to set up an exhibition of my pictures in their galleries.


It was intense.  Six plus hours to Winchester, two hours at the museum, and then I turned around the drove back to Ithaca.


I learned somethings about myself during the trip.


The curator at the museum was effusive about my work; she told me she found it so moving and emotional that it gave her the chills.  It was nice to have some qualities in my work affirmed in such an emphatic way.


And I listened to a lot of music and NPR.


Metempsychosis is a greek term that typically refers to the transmigration of the soul after death, though when James Joyce wrote about it, he used it to discuss the way in which people find necessity in one another during a life time.  There are people you meet by chance during a day, or the ones that you partner with in developing a life, and these people come to share an essential part of their experience, their souls, really.


I stopped in Lee, MA – right on the border with New York – on my drive home for a burger and beer at a local pub.  It was an intense drive, and a break was necessary.  I sat at the bar, but I wanted to read, to steady my mind and give my body a rest from the drive.  I ended up talking with a couple others at the bar, and the conversation quickly moved beyond idyll chit-chat.  We talked about literature and some major transitions in our live.  There was a great sense of camaraderie, and a surprising level of honesty.  I’d call it soulful.


I was struck by the chance and the potential meaning of our meeting, that we were all met at the point, and so much in common and so much to share.  I like to think it is part of the structure of the world, and after such a successful meeting with the museum, and it gave me a stronger sense of clarity about all these changes I am confronting in my life.


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