Classical Views of Java

In recent weeks, I’ve been focusing on two large projects.


For years, I have been photographing my hometown of Denver, CO, trying to put together a photographic memoir about growing up in the city in the 1970s-80s; I’ve been continuing to work through photographs and negatives putting this all together.

240185_apm - Super Hi-Res Unclipped (TIFF 4200px)

I also continue to work on the book I am doing with Afterhours Books in Jakarta, a book documenting some of my recent work in Java.

189878_pm - Super Hi-Res Unclipped (TIFF 4200px)

This book, Identity Crisis:  Questions in Contemporary Javanese Photography, is coming along quite nicely.


There are ten contemporary photographers working in Java I have pulled together for this exhibition, and I have all their pictures ready for press.


And I am also gathering together some older photographs from Java for the introductory text, specifically photographs by Kassian Cephas, Isidore van Kinsbergen, Niels Douwes Dekker, and Claire Holt.

189878_pm - Super Hi-Res Unclipped (TIFF 4200px)

I’ve gathered almost all of these older photographs, working with the Cornell Rare Manuscript Division, the National Gallery of Art in Canberra, and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Naked #1

It is very satisfying to see a project I have been developing and imagining for years begin to take shape.


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