Karmic Inquiry

Everything happens for a reason.


People have been telling me this a lot lately, mostly women (which may or may not be an important detail).


But I suppose it is safe to say that I am struggling to make sense of some things.


In Balinese Hinduism, Sanghyang Widhi sits above the pantheon of gods.  The most essential character of life, even beyond the concept of god(s),  is unknowable, and can’t be expressed in language.  It can be felt but not known.  This is Sangyang Widhi, that which can’t be known or expressed.


The Balinese also have a belief in kanda empat, or four brothers.  These are, essentially, spirit guardians, born when you are born, and to accompany you throughout life.


I know somewhere here is a question close to my heart now, everything happens for a reason.  There are some things caught in the drift, things that have gone unresolved for too long, and a little clarity never hurts.

Sea Rose

Rose, harsh rose,/marred with stint of petals,/meagre flower, thin,/sparse of leaf,/more precious/than a wet rose/single on a stem-/you are caught in the drift.




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