The Front Range

I’ve recently neglected a lot of my work in recent months in favor of trying to finish the book I am writing for Oxford University Press, Alternative Photographic Processes:  Technique, History, and Creative Potential.  Regardless, all my other projects keep moving forward.


I recently returned from a trip back to Denver and Santa Fe.  It was a short trip, but I accomplished a great deal.  My primary motivation was a meeting with the great Radius Books, in an effort to try and move a book project forward with them.  But as you might recall from early posts, I’ve also been pursuing some photographic work in Denver in recent years, so also used this time to make more pictures.

Denver News6

It’s all coming full circle, and really in one week I set the stage to finish a project I’ve been pursuing for several years.


I continued to photograph in Denver while there, and spent a couple of days in the library looking at newspaper articles of major events that occurred while still a kid in Denver, as well as some aerial photographs of the city from the same time.


The result of my conversation with the editors and designers at Radius Books is that together with them, I am going to try and complete my project in Denver.

Pigeon prints

I had a remarkably productive conversation with them, and really feel the flood gates have opened up since.

Denver News18

All the pictures and other materials I’ve collected over the years are starting to make sense, and it feels the time is right to start moving these ideas to completion.


And I very much hope to bring this all to fruition in a book with Radius Books.


I really think this is the most ambitious project I’ve organized to date, and feel if it comes together correctly, I’ll have something truly unique.


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