Cheap at Half the Price

As a pretty devoted fan of music, I’ve collected records for most of my life.  The first record I ever bought was The Who, Who’s Next?


And amongst all those records, are a number by the great ones by avant garde composer and musician Fred Frith.  And my favorites of all his records are the two Skeleton Crew discs, and Cheap at Half the Price.

Cheap at Half the Price is a wonderful, lo-fi record, all made on a four track cassette recorder in his home, with Frith playing and singing all the parts.

I’m sorry to say, that after a lot of consideration, it seems the Radius board did not feel your project was the right fit for the list at this time. Everyone really liked the work and the concepts behind it, and especially how it was presented, but it was hard for them to see how this would translate into a book and where the funding would come from.
So, I think we should try again next year and see where you are at then. I think the work is very special and I was disappointed that I couldn’t convince the gang here to move forward with it.
Last March, I visited with Radius Books out in Santa Fe, and they asked me to submit work for consideration.  They even coached me through the whole process.  I finally heard back.  And it’s the same old thing, a feeling I know too damn well.
I think often its about finding the right fit. You found it with me since I loved everything about the work, but I wasn’t able to convince the others. I know how hard this kind of news is, and I only can say to “keep at it” since I think your talents are abundant and the work should be out there. I know this sounds a bit “new age” but trust yourself and trust the “universe” and its timing of things. 
Stay in touch with me, and I promise you that I will continue to be your advocate.
I feel like this was the best chance of bringing my work as a photographer into a larger arena and discourse, but still just the same thing, kind words.
Biography - Lewis Carroll

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