Nine Chains to the Moon

I spent the last couple of weeks on holiday along the coast in central Maine.


At the outset, certain new words must be introduced, among which are vitalistics to replace the dead word statistics, and mobilata to supersede data.  These substitutions are necessary in order to incorporate a TIME element and to make allowance for the constant adjustment of figures into the meanings of words.  Statistics are static, Time-less, the blinding dust of death.  Vitalistics and mobilata, on the other hand, are appropriately used in connection with a cosmic inventory because scientific events and corrections may cause an one hundred per cent amplification or refinement in our cosmic inventory even before the manuscript reciting the items can be printed.


I’ve spent a great deal of time along the Maine coast in recent years.  It’s a quiet, beautiful place, really conducive for reflection.


As the “possessor” of all of his extensions, the phantom captain automatically evolves a myriad of illusory necessities for which he assumes a vain, egotistically responsibility.  This false-possession and always innocuous myth (which is consumptive of the complete lifetime, from four years onward, of the vast majority of people) stone-blinds the possessor to the simple, delightful truth-trends that are everywhere and at times about us.  For unspoilt children and happily debunked, emancipated grown-ups, these trends make life’s courses as evident as a highway through a meadow.  Ironically, the non-possession-blinded person’s citation of evident trends has always been fearfully hailed as witchcraft, mysticism and quackery by the still mysticified, self-be-quackeried majority.


I usually fill my days with time on the water, long runs or walks, time with my kids, and with good books.


Involved in the foregoing is an attitude that makes the Earthian’s problems as easy of scientific solution as are the problem plays of clowns for the children in a circus audience:  for instance, the laugh-provoking plight of the clown menaced by a fire attempting to escape through a locked gate that has no fence on either side of it.  I the process of solution of Earthian problems SEEMS arduous and enormous, it is so only from a size viewpoint, and man as MIND is as large as the universe.


This time around, I read Nine Chains to the Moon, the first book by Buckminster Fuller.  And this was my first attempt with his work.  It was great for this time; Fuller had an incredible intelligence for connecting different modes of thought.  Revelatory, really.

IMG_2262 (1)

By means of his harnessed inanimate servant, power, and his extended mechanisms, man has now explored, measured, and “set” under control much of his earth’s crust and his once “outside” universe, entirely despite the inertia of vanities, superstitions, exploitation, humpty dumpty moralities, laws, and destructive selfishness.




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