The Soundtrack of Spring 2013

Some important changes in my life took root in the spring of 2013, really starting on March 5 to be exact.


There were two recordings I listened to obsessively those spring months, that really became a soundtrack for the time.  These recordings spoke to my feelings and needs, and the kinds of changes I wanted to see take place in my life.


Both recordings by Robert Fripp, the first the introductory track on the League of Crafty Guitarists’ album, the Invocation.  Such a beautiful track.


The second recording was side two of the King Crimson album Islands.  It’s kind of a sappy record, but it’s mostly about trying to overcome loneliness, about the need to have a meaningful connection with someone.  More importantly, it’s about the mistakes one has to make in life before recognizing that that connection is what we really need.


And so it goes…..


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