Solo Subversion


When I first left college, I ended up working at the Tattered Cover, a very famous bookstore in Denver.  It was actually a great job to have right out of school; I love books, plus there were a lot of interesting people of all ages, artists and intellectuals of every variety.

I became very good friends with a musician named Ron Bucknam.  Ron was entirely unique.  He was utterly inaccessible as an artist, and yet one of the warmest, most genuine and sensitive people I’ve ever met.  He could bring the best of anybody out during conversation.

Out of college, and looking to develop my life as an artist, Ron was a huge influence of me.  Despite all the meaningless jobs he’d held throughout his life, he was steadfast that his real identity was as an artist and musician.  He was so devoted (he was diagnosed with cancer in October, but refused any treatment because he wanted to play music as long as possible), and yet remained completely obscure his whole life.  I loved everything he stood for with his music and art, even if I didn’t always like this music (though the cd Solo Subversion is a wonderful achievement!).

I heard that Ron passed away yesterday.  Hats off my friend, you were indeed an inspiring human being and artist.


2 thoughts on “Solo Subversion

  1. I occasionally roam the web, looking for news of old friends. Saddened to hear of Ron’s passing. We became friends in the early ’80s, while both working at a store called The Fruit Basket on 6th. He was a very unique individual, with his own very quirky outlook on life.

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