Beauty and Morality

The other day I went to a show of photographs by my friend Andrea Modica at the University of Colorado Center for Bioethics and Humanities, on the Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver.


This has long been one of my favorite works by Andrea (whom I feel is one of the best black and white printers ever), and complete set of 35 pictures from the series was on display.

There was a staged discussion in conjunction with the opening, between Denver Art Museum Curator Eric Paddock, and Simon Falkind, the gallery curator at the medical center.  The conversation had its ups and downs.  I’ve long admired Eric’s thought process, and always enjoy his observations on photography, and he really carried the conversation.  Simon did make one comment I loved; in Andrea’s work, beauty and morality are intertwined.


I latched onto that comment, beauty and morality intertwined.  And how perfect that these photographs were displayed on a medical campus.  A wonderful example of art and science mixing together.


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