Greek Orthodox Church

When I was a kid in Denver, there was a huge, annual festival held at a Greek Orthodox Church in town, the Denver Greek Festival.


I was pretty young, but I still remember going to these festivals.  They were crazy, so many people drunk on Ouzo.  I also remember the gyros and baklava.


The last time I was in Denver, I went back to this church to photograph.  It was a pretty amazing day, with that uniquely rich Colorado light. late afternoon.


The church is located on the line between the Cranmer Park and Glendale neighborhoods in Denver.


I parked my car in a ratty parking lot underneath the church, and spent the next couple of hours making pictures.  It was a nice afternoon, not only for the light, but because my five year old son wanted to join me; he made pictures on iPhone while I walked around with my Bronica.

church lot1

I made all these pictures that afternoon, a series of silver prints mounted into one frame measuring about 17×68 inches.


It’s part of ongoing series of photographs I’m compiling about growing up in Denver.  I’m heading back West next week, and delight to make pictures again.

greek church mock up


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