Tom Headbanger, Denver, and Voodoo

skull and roses

As a teenager in Denver, I got involved in a big industrial arts scene.  There was interesting concert promoter at the heart of it, Tom Headbanger.


Via Tom Headbanger, I saw some legends of industrial music, most notably Chris and Cosey, Psychic TV,  and Crash Worship.

voodoo poster

Then there was these alternative, artist run galleries and spaces – Pirate Gallery, and Edge Gallery (the E in Edge was a Psychic Cross).

crash worship

At that time, Denver had the second largest branch of the Temple ov Psychick Youth in the world, second only to London.  I never got involved, but I was curious.


I still see this personal and social history when I photograph on the streets of Denver 20 years later.

voodoo mock up

I’ve mounted all these pictures into one piece, which is part of a larger project I am doing about my early life in Denver.  There are three kinds of pictures I am using in this project – found photographs, old snapshots, and recent black and white pictures I’ve made on trips back to Denver over the last few years.  This particular piece, composed of 6 photographs, has all three.  The small black and white photograph was pulled from the internet – a picture of Crash Worship in performance – the small color photograph was made about 20 years ago, and is one of the pictures on the first rolls of film I ever shot, and then the larger black and white photographs are all from the last three years, in which I’ve gone back to photography my memories of life in Denver.


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