A Bit More on Contributions and Contributors

So if you scroll back to the last post, I now recognize that I did forget to list a couple of contributing photographs, and then I’ve since contacted a couple more interested in having their photographs in my book.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

I’ve got to give a serious shout out of thanks to Richard Sullivan, who is not only contributing pictures – really just ziatypes, a process he invented with Carl Weese – but has generously read several chapters for me.


Dick Sullivan is a truly generous man, and has made some great contributions to photography


And then one more contributor for my chapter on liquid light (which has proven to be the hardest chapter to illustrate).


So, top to bottom, a picture of Richard Sullivan in his studio, a ziatype by Carl Weese, a tintype by Deborah Luster from her series One Big Self, and a ziatype by Richard Sullivan.


And then Laurie Snyder is contributing some cyanotypes, and also helping with images by her late husband John Wood.


And most recently, I’ve gotten some pictures from Kenro Izu, cyanotype on top of platinum.  Rich and lovely prints!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W

Once again, very happy with how this project is coming along!


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