Looking Back and Looking On

It’s been a while now, but I still see it as an essential time, and I can still remember it quite clearly.  It was about rediscovering something; not something lost, but something set aside for a bit too long.


It was about reconnecting with some people and some things that had been absent from my life for much longer that I understood.  I had to take to the road to get back to it all, to learn again what is was that missing.

old picture

It took a little doing, and didn’t necessarily come back easily, seeing people that I hadn’t in a while.  I guess you could say there was a warm up time, but after that, it all came naturally.


In a way, you could say it was a time about photography, and sharing a love of photography.  But also about many more things too.  Essential things, friendships that began with shared interests.

night drive

The trip last about 5 days, and the weather was erratic, ranging from gorgeous and sunny to icy and dreadful.  That right there says something, a map of the week – visiting museums and talking about Indian art, and making pictures.  There was lots of coffee and beer, and one fantastic seafood dinner.


But having gone through all this weather and conversation, everything became clear again.  Sometimes you don’t fully understand what is gone until you have it again.  And friends are important.


Photography and art are the center of my life, and it so nice to have meaningful friendships and relationships developed on this shared love and interest.


I guess this week we spent together really ended with that great seafood dinner (and a wonderful view across a lake!).  When we all parted ways, I felt refreshed, and knew these relationships were something important, something special.

word shadow

I know this might all seem kind of cryptic to read, but some things can’t be explained or understood in a rational way, read in a linear way.


I remember something the photographer Emmet Gowin said to me the first time we met.  I was quite young, just out of graduate school.  We spoke on the phone about an exhibition I was organizing.  He said that all the most important decisions we make in life we make with our emotions and feelings and not with our minds.


This is a beautiful thought.


It was long ago now, but a great week of finding things again.  And the seafood dinner was exquisite!


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