Boxes of Prints

I spent a day at the Eastman House the other day, looking for photographs to use in my book with Oxford University Press.


I spent hours looking at hundreds of photographs.  I was looking for photographs to illustrate my chapters on salted paper, cyanotype, and platinum/palladium.

Modica 1001 copy

I found some works by Talbot and Hippolyte Bayard, as well as an interesting, anonymous Italian photographer.  There is one photograph by Anna Atkins in the collection, and then I found some incredible vernacular cyanotypes I’ve just gotta use.


The real highlight of the day, however, were two photographs by Andrea Modica


There were only two, from her days in Oneonta, NY.  They took my breathe away.  The pictures were perfect.  The combination of the printing technique (I think she is one of the best printers I know) and content (such remarkable psychological complexity) left me speechless.  I still don’t have the words to describe my feelings looking at these pictures.


Just more of what I love about photography.


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