I don’t think I can say exactly when this conversation took place, but I remember it like yesterday.

Color Ink Deer Head Tattoo

And I don’t know if I’d call it a conversation, but over the course of a day, we exchanged a number of emails and a few texts talking about the ebb and flow of our day.



Somewhere along the way, I asked, Do you believe in magic?  Or least in mystical possibilities?  She answered right away, Absolutely, I believe in magic.


The conversation changed direction a bit from there, but a couple of hours later, I came back to it.  At the end of the day, we exchanged a couple more messages.


I wrote first:  I don’t know if I said this earlier, but I think I believe in magic too.  At least I believe the spirit is bigger than the body, and can communicate outside and beyond itself.  I think I see that in you, and that you still see that in me.


I went on a bit more, but that does get a little more personal.


Her response came quick, and it made me feel warm all over.  Gosh, that was beautiful, Brian.  She did go on to say a bit more, but again. . .  Somedays it is a bit easier to feel the faith.  And I do believe there is a magic we can share in the world, and the root of it is trust.


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