And Then Somewhere in the Middle

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So scroll around, and you will see that several times over the last few days, I’ve been posting some works I am completing as part of an ongoing project I am photographing in Denver.


I am working on a photo narrative that will ultimately exist in two parts, as both a book and an exhibition.  Slightly different strategies to the two narrations, with the book being a text/photo combination.  The general idea of the project is a photographic memoir about growing up in Denver.


Today, I am posting two more vignettes from this larger narrative.  Both were photographed along the South Platte River in Southwest Denver.


Both these little series belong somewhere in the middle of the larger narrative, but I still haven’t figured out all of the structure.


This larger one, in part, is intended to reflect on water issues in Colorado (hence the mermaid), but is also about the expansive space mirroring my own memories.  The pictures range from 1996 (the color snap shot) to 2013.  And then of course the map of the South Platte River Corridor (I love cartography!).

south platte mock up#2

In fact, looking at both these series, all but one of the pictures were made on the same day.


I remember it well, actually.  It was about 15 months ago, on a super hot summer day.


I dropped my daughter off at a state park to do a two hour horse back riding lesson near by, and drove back to the South Platte to make some pictures.

south platte - mock-up


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