Open Sea

It’s funny, ya know?


It’s clear when you are out of balance, and sometimes you just know inside you’ve done the right thing to correct that loss of balance.

The North Sea

I mean, we all go through troubled waters.


And you gotta trust your emotions and intuition to make the right choices, to right the ship.


And sometimes you just know when you’ve done the right thing, to right the ship.  I remember the first time I met Emmet Gowin.  It was a phone conversation.  I was just out of graduate school and in my first teaching job.  He said a number of things that have stuck with me over the years.


The most important decisions in life, he said, you make with your emotions not your mind.  Sometimes the heart knows more than the head.  And sometimes, in troubled waters, it is best to make a decision, and trust that your emotions and intuition will point you in the right way.

Whether the decision is right or not, you just gotta move forward.  It’s nice, though, when that decision feels like the right choice.


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