Work in Progress (Love Hate Love)

Depending on how closely you follow this blog – or even my other one – you might know that I’ve spent a bit of time in Java, Indonesia the past few years.  I am putting together a photo narrative, currently with the working title Love Hate Love.  The title comes from a graffiti tag all across the city of Yogyakarta in Central Java.

Torn sign from rear

Recently, I’ve starting proofing my color film.

Burned Photo

Don’t get the wrong idea, there is still a lot to work out, but I did want to post a few of these crude proofs here.  I’ve just barely looked at balancing the color in these pictures.

stained woman

There are some nice themes developing in the photographs, ideas I’ve been pursuing from the beginning.  Among them are all these photographs of other photographs.

On a boat between Bali and Lombok, I had an idea for an introduction to the narrative (ultimately, I like to work in books).  The beginning would like something like this:

Boat to Lombok

Will go this way that way
Over the roaring sea
There’s plenty to do
So join my crew
If that’s the life for ye

Children’s Traditional

last photo


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