A New Understanding

I awoke with a start around 3am.  It was a hot and humid night, and two fans were running in the room.  When I awoke, I had a new understanding of prayer and what it might mean in our lives.  It was like an epiphany.


I understood that action of prayer was the real meaning, not in the words nor even intentions necessarily.


It’s not about asking for anything from the universe.

Borobudur break

It is about feeling something essential with inside of yourself, an attempt to feel that more deeply, and with a wish that this essential core of yourself can be apart of the universe around you.


It is to focus on a feeling within, and a hope that that feeling belongs to the universe, that it can be included in the meaning we discover in the world.  A reassurance that we are a part of the universe.


I am not sure what I think this morning, but it was such a powerful sensation in the night.  I kept notes in my head before falling back to sleep, and had to fight my desire to get up and write it all down then and there.


Too often, the things that seem most meaningful in the world also are the most elusive.


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