Back Again

I’ve done a poor job as of late keeping abreast of my own photo production, or at least keeping a stream of it coming online.


I spent three months this spring in Indonesia – mostly Java – pursuing a few different projects.  I am finally getting some of my own pictures down on paper.

#3Brian_Arnold_Flying Kites

So far I am pleased with the results.


An old Mercedes covered in volcanic ash, from that eruption in East Java back in February or August.


I still work in a traditional black and white darkroom, and how I print my photographs is a large part of my vision.  Thus, I have to scan prints, and so you see those little hairs and thing I haven’t yet spotted out (these prints are just newly completed.


Burning trash in Yogyakarta, one of my favorite Indonesian cities.


An abandoned guitar along the streets of Bandung.  And hopefully more to come soon.


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