Dream is Destiny

At the beginning of Richard Linklater’s great film Waking Life, two kids sit playing an age old game with paper, a fortune teller I suppose.  The two kids – one the main character as a child – unfold his future, with the words dream is destiny.  Thus the story begins, a study of consciousness and experience, as the main character tries to discover the root of experience.


British filmmakers, Lorne and Lawrence Blaire, spent many years producing a series of documentary films in Indonesia, The Ring of Fire.  There are four in the series, the last being The Dream Wanderers of Borneo.

In this film, the two travel deep into Borneo, and spend time with a nomadic tribe, the Punan Dyaks.  The Punan’s believe in a dream wanderer, and higher, spiritual self that manifests in dreams.


Recently, I had in dream in which I was with a good friend, and we found ourselves in a bit of  pickle.  Though all was well that ends well.  In the dream, it seemed likely we’d both be injured or stained, but left largely unblemished and unwounded.


I do want to believe in mysticism.  I want there to be balance and order in my life, reason and intuition meeting to help determine my outcomes.  Dream is destiny.


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