The Subtle Metaphors in Everyday Life

I spent a day walking around Gili Meno, photographing and seeing what I could find.  I stumbled upon a small, family cemetery along the side of the road, and stopped to make some photographs.  Nothing special about the pictures, just seemed like an interesting little place.  I made a couple of pictures, and then went on with the day.  I didn’t photograph again for about 18 hours.


The next morning, I set off with the same routine, to wander the island and to try and make some pictures.  I stopped to photograph a small path, and when I reached into my bag, my light meter was missing.

I went into a panic (I’ve been using the same light meter for about 15 years), and retraced my steps.  After a little thought, I remember the last photographs I took the previous day were at the cemetery.  It took a little persistence, but I found the little plot of land again.  My light meter was by the side of the road, safe and sound.


Strangely, I found a little meaning or metaphor here too, something about life and rebirth, and faith in finding the right way.


Just 24 hours later, I was on a boat back to Bali.  In the middle of the Bali sea, we were hit by a torrential rain storm.  The waves were huge, and the boat rocked back and forth with great force.

But the storm didn’t last long.  The seas settled down, and again I thought this a metaphor for life or consciousness – the flow, the crisis, the resolution.

bali-storm clouds

Perhaps this all speaks to my own neurosis, or why I’ve chosen a life in photography, because I want to think the that the things and shapes around me can have meaning.





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