In Pursuit of Magic

The last two times I’ve been to Chelsea, I’ve seen the stencil.  Each time, just by chance, and really out of the corner of my eye.  The stencil was small, and on the side of a warehouse or empty building or even on the sidewalk.


In Pursuit of Magic.  It’s always been a delight to see.  I’d see and stop, and it was always a sort of eureka moment.  And when I’ve seen it, I’ve never been alone, so I stopped whomever I was with to point it out.


A friend got me to look it up, to learn about its origins.


Apparently, it’s a collaborative project by two female street artists to help raise consciousness and meaning in the world.  Clearly it works, because it always grabs my attention, and I always want to share it.  I love the whole idea, raising consciousness and awareness, something we all need.


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