School House Road (Or a Brief Road Trip of Self Discovery and Self Fulfillment)

I had to go to Cleveland, Ohio the other day.  To take care of some business, I guess you could say.


I drove from Ithaca, five hours each way.  But I passed through some of my favorite parts of New York, and gotta see the best of Ohio.


In the ten hours of driving, I had three cups of coffee and a cinnamon roll.  I saw two red tail hawks, one each way – one on the side of the road picking at a deer carcass, and then on the way home the other flew right along side my car for several minutes.  And I saw a fox, scampering across the highway to get to the other side.


I drove through Allegany State Park, home to the Seneca nation (casino included).

photo 3

I drove over a frozen Chautauqua Lake, and from then into Pennsylvannia.


It was all so beautiful, under that moody winter light of Western New York.


When I finally made it to Ohio, the sky was covered in a think layer of grey clouds.  I checked into my room for the night, but then a walk was necessary, to stretch my legs after a 5 hour drive.  It was cold, but nice to get out and reconnect with things in a way less fleeting than seen from a car window.

photo 2

It’s hard to say everything that happened in Ohio, but it was all great.  I will say I had a wonderful sandwich made with fried green tomatoes and goat cheese, and then a night cap at Ballatine Willoughby.


It was a wonderful afternoon and night, but I had to leave early the next morning, to head back home to Ithaca.


I drove home the same way, through Allegany State Park.  The light was even more beautiful in the morning.

photo 4

It was a short trip, really just 24, but it felt good to be on the road.  It’s a cliche, but there is a freedom behind the wheel.  And my business, well I can say it went quite well, touched in all the right places.


We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

Mark Strand


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