Astronomy Lessons

It rained hard all day, but it cleared up late at night.  I fell asleep under a clear canopy of the stars.


I spent most of the night sitting with a friend outside, under a long, brick archway.  The night was quiet, and we shared a wonderful solitude.  With the heavy rains, few ventured out.  We were visited by a couple of deer, and number of fire flies.  Under the brick arch, we stayed completely dry, and shared a bottle of wine (Dr. Konstantin Frank, a dry riesling – totally tasty).


We talked about this and that, but talked for hours – about our childhoods, art, and aspirations.


We talked for hours, finally parting ways around midnight.


And when we parted ways, the rain finally stopped, rather abruptly.  Indeed, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.


The whole day, despite the rain, I’d planned on pitching a tent and sleeping outside.  With the rains subsiding, and the clouds having lifted, I took a leap of faith and went without the tent.  I found a soft, low-cut, flat stretch of grass, lay down a large plastic tarp, a thick blanket, and then my sleeping bag and pillow.


I folded my hands behind my head, and lost myself in the stars.  My view was unobstructed; I could see the Milky Way.  After about 20 minutes, a fog rolled into the valley.  The lights of the village refracted, stretching out like sharp rays as the fog rolled over.

Our Wines Header Final

I felt at peace, a wonderful sense of wonder and belonging.


I awoke the next morning to a beautiful and active sky.  Another storm was rolling in.


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