Astral Plane

So I remember it like it was yesterday, though at this point it is hard to say when exactly it happened.


It was a late night in early May, just about this time of year.  It was cool that night, and there was an intermittent light rain, more like a thin mist than rain, really.  We got together later in the evening, she and I, and decided to spend our time together outside.  The rain was more a pleasure than a distraction.


We were together for hours, but it is really one moment in particular etched in my memory.  There was a time we lay together side by side, our faces just an inch apart, staring into one another’s eyes.  I don’t know how long we lay together like that, but it seemed like a profound connection.  Her eyes were almost lost in the darkness, but still open and warm, inviting.  She was unashamed when our eyes locked like that, as though she let go of any vulnerability.  It went both ways, I felt like she saw me for what I am.  I was swimming in her eyes, that cloudy night under the stars.


It might have for just a moment, and I know it was really just a sliver of the whole thing, but I also know for that moment I got to see a piece of your soul, or at least something that essential.


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