A Portrait


Really during my sophomore and junior years of college, I was obsessed with James Joyce.


Reading Joyce was an awakening for me, a revelation into personal experience, art, and the occult.


…A faint glimmer of fear began to pierce the fog of his mind.  He pressed his face against the pane of the window and gazed out into the darkening street.  Forms passed this way and that in the dull light.  And that was life.  The letters of the name of Dublin lay heavily upon his mind, pushing one another surlily hither and thither with slow boorish insistence.  His sould was fattening and congealing into a gross grease, plunging ever deeper in its dull fear into a sombre threatening dusk, while the body that was his stood, listless and dishonoured, gazing out of darkened eyes, helpless, perturbed, and human for a bovine god to stare upon.


It’s been a while since I’ve thought of Joyce, but this particular passage crossed my mind today……


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