Civil Disobedience

I got inspired by a friend, and went for an early morning walk.


I woke around 7, had some coffee and watched the Spuns/Warriors highlights, and then drove out to Foster Lake, a small man-made lake just outside the village of Alfred, NY.


I got there around 7:30, parked my car and let go of myself for an hour.  And I had one of those brief but wonderful moments of the natural sublime.


The lake isn’t large, maybe a mile to a mile and half to walk its circumference.  Trees run close to the shore line, and there is a small island across the water, annually home to heron or geese.


About a quarter of the way around, I came to a little clearing, and the trees receded from the water.  I had an open view, and squatted down next to the water to take it all in.

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 9.23.08 AM

Across the water, I saw two geese, about 30 meters apart – one paddling behind the other – and they were engaged in some kind of song or mating ritual together.  They squawked out some kind of hocket, in perfect rhythm, but still with enough syncopation to make it dynamic.  Mostly they each had one tone, but the one following from behind would change pitches every 5th or 6th beat.  This went on for maybe a minute and a half, maybe more.


I sat as still as could, not wanting to add any sound of my own.  There was a clear but hazy light on the water as yesterday’s rain continues to burn off, making the light diffuse but clear.  In the tree canopy above, there were the high and melodious whistles and chatters of various song birds.


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