Out of a Dream

I had this amazing dream the other night.


It was very cinematic, an epic really.


I won’t really go into the details right now, but it was both like a great caper/heist film – something like Oceans 11 – mixed with a teenage comedy like The Hangover, and then this David Lynch like surrealism.  A lot of terrain was covered.


Best of all, when I awoke from it – after giving that initial gasp upon recognizing how interesting and strange it really was – I came to a realization about some pictures I’m trying to figure out.  And what I thought of these pictures had nothing to do with the dream, and yet the realization seems so connected.


I’ve been photographing in Denver the past couple of years, and I know have figured out a messing piece, how to bring structure to the visual narrative through process and technique (more on this later).

When I awoke, it all seemed so clear to me.  Inspiration is a mysterious thing.


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