In the Dump

So the past couple of years, I’ve been making a series of night landscapes in and around Ithaca, all photographed in the winter months.


I’ve always loved making the pictures, but all along there have been things that have never sat right, problems I could feel but not solve.


About a year ago, I thought I figured it out (you’ll have to scroll around if you wanna know more), and I did make a good decision in making the next step with this work.  But still that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right, wasn’t working.


Now I feel that I’ve mispursued the technical resolve.  The printing I’ve chosen for the pictures is all wrong.  Well, not all wrong, but needs some tweaking to best maximize the ideas and my voice.  And that means throwing away about 70% of what I’ve printed thus far.


It’s tough being a perfectionist.


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