Fifty Shades of Gray

I flew to Denver with my five year old son today.  I’m here for a week to make some pictures while he hangs out with my mom.

denver entry

On our second flight, my son dropped his new Harry Potter Wand, and when I reached below the seat, I found this copy of Fifty Shades of Gray.  The hasn’t done much to attract my attention – my trusted influences for matters erotic and pornographic haven’t had good things to say – and besides I like more literary erotica – but then I opened the book and found this picture of a woman and man together shotgunning beers.  It was being used as a page marker.


A great discovery, really.  I assume the book belonged to one of these two (the book seems to attract more female readers).  Shotgunning cheap beers seems like a bad date to me, but what do I know, I haven’t done that with a  beer sense I was 16.  And I loved that the book is from Walmart; I mean somehow Walmart and erotica seem like a contradiction.


But who knows, I may just read it anyway.

Denver approach


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