Simple Beauty

And but so, I was out photographing last night.  I had my camera fixed on a chain link fence covered by a tarp or something of the sort, though my focus was really on a light beyond the tarp, beautiful distortion in the weave.


About 15 feet above me, a street light hummed.  I glanced up, and stretching down from the lamppost to the top of the fence, I saw two thin strands of a web.  They waved gently in the wind, and they came and went from my vision as the strands caught the light and then moved back into darkness.  It was quite lovely, a simple poetry.


I then had this thought, after a few weeks in my own darkness, that perhaps seeing so much of our darkness helps to better understand beauty.  And then I thought of a poem by Czeslaw Milosz a friend sited in a recent letter to me:

…put on the very edge of the abyss/a table,/And the table a glass, a pitcher/and two apples…

It’s really the same thought I had watching the web strands sway under the light, that in such a broken world, simple beauty can be enough.


One thought on “Simple Beauty

  1. this is soooo very true it’s not until we take a dive in our own little abyss that when we come up for air it’s bliss.

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