Excerpts from an Anonymous Letter

Nov. 23, 2012

The new pictures are strong, and obviously come from the heart….a genuine step into the unknown….Making work that good is, I think, doubly hard at night, in a landscape at risk in many senses.  What I like is the mixture of harshness and mystery…It squares with life.

If there is an answer, it is surely in the caring of individuals (nothing we do as photographers is, I think, going to slow do the collapse of our country and possibly the world).  By which I mean the caring for each day that we encourage by trying our best as photographers, and the caring that others how us simply as human beings…the caring for instance in the eyes of the girl I presume to be your daughter (what a sweetheart).

I can’t claim to be a believer in justice…the world seems not to care about being fair, which leaves us faced with just one choice – whether to keep showing up and hoping…

When Czeslaw Milosz got old he wrote some great  lines in a poem called “A Master of My Craft:”

         “…put on the very edge of the abyss/a table,/And the table, a glass, a pitcher/and two apples…”

I’m rarely up for that, but it does seem the thing for which to try.


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