What’s Inside Me?

I was poking around my desktop look for an older picture, from a series called Short Stories.  I made the pictures in this series about 9 or 10 years ago, and they were all made in libraries in New York, Boston, and Montreal.  Mostly pictures of books, mixed with photographs of pencil stubs, scrapes of paper, and the likes.

I was looking for a picture I call Repaired Binding, a photograph of a hardbound collection of old copies of Life magazine.  The binding was falling part, and the book was taped back together, with the word Life written on the tape in ball point pen.  I found this picture here instead.  You can’t really read the title in this reproduction – it looks too dark here – I do like a good photographic black, but that is hard to copy – but the book pictured is called What’s Inside Me?.  The book was originally intended for children, to help them deal with their emotions.


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