What is Missing

The first body of photographs I made, back around 1994, were all 4×5 palladium prints of pictures made in or just outside the city of Denver.

They were contact prints on a very light and finely woven paper that was translucent and made a nice crinkly surface after coated with the chemistry.

After a year or so, I put the pictures together in bound portfolio.  I matted them in all in that traditional photographic way, and set them to a poem by Mark Strand, Keeping Things Whole.

Keeping Things Whole

In a field/I am the absence/of field./This is/always the case./Wherever I am/I am what is missing.

When I walk/I part the air/and always/the air moves in/to fill the spaces/where my body’s been.

We all have reasons/for moving./I move/to keep things whole.

Mark Strand

I still love this poem, and know that feeling, wherever I am/I am what is missing.


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