Summer Dress

That summer, there was a serious heat wave in Denver.

Earl was a complicated man, I think I can say that much for certain.  I worked retail at bookstore in Denver, and Earl worked store security.  He was in his sixties, and was partially retired.  I think Earl worked for the social outlet, more than anything.  In his previous lives he was a Vietnam vet, a hobo (as a philosophical choice), and an episcopal minister.

It was a Tuesday night in July around 9, and I was stuck in a part of the bookstore that got no traffic.  I stared out across the store, and really devoted all of my attention to the young ladies in the store wearing those summer dresses.

Earl must have noticed the glazed look in my eyes, and walked over to where I was standing.  What’s going on, Brian? he asked me.

Tell me, Earl, I began.  You are an older man, a man of the cloth – does one ever out grow his fascination with women?

You know, Brian.  I worked in the ministry for 20-21 years, and every week if not every day women came to my office to speak with me.  We would talk about marriage, religion, children, the economy.  And there wasn’t one of them I didn’t want to fuck.

It really is an eternal dilemma.


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