Winter Night – Park Hill

About a year and a half ago, I went back to my hometown of Denver, CO.  I mostly went to develop some conversations I had going on with the Denver Art Museum, and to arrange my inclusion in their show Dirty Pictures.

There for a little over a week, I also ended up doing a bit of photographing.  I started a little side project which has yet to make it to paper (still just film), and I have no other real documentation.  I call the series Born in the New West, and in the end I imagine the series as a mix of writing (journal entries about my childhood in Denver) and photographs made along Colfax Ave.

I had just started making some pictures in Ithaca done on winter nights.  There was one exceptionally snowy night in Denver, and I went out with my camera, just to see if I could find some more of the pictures I’d already started.

We got about a foot that night.  When I went out to photograph, the streets were empty, even the plows hadn’t yet arrived.

The light, the peace, the solitude, and to be home again; it was a wonderful night.


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