Abandoned Artifacts

So last night before bed I was reading the supplement included in the newest issue of Aperture magazine, I think they called it the Photobook Review.

Specifically, I was reading an essay by Gerry Badger about the importance of image sequencing in creating a good photo narrative.  I was a bit underwhelmed by his observations – or at least I’d read them before in his other books – but in his case studies, he made reference to Sleeping by the Mississippi, the great book by Alec Soth.

And as we all know now, beds are an important leitmotif in Soth’s narrative, a sort of melodic variation that occurs throughout the book.

I’ve tried to construct a similar repetition into this new series, By Night (or A Wolf Among Wolves), though I repeatedly photograph abandoned shopping carts.

I recently rediscovered this amazing recording, Minutes to Go, a tribute to William Burroughs.  I especially like this recording of a passage from Place of Dead Roads, a little number called Abandoned Artifacts.  Indeed, this is one of my favorite Burroughs recordings (which is saying a lot, because Burroughs is the rare writer who is better recorded than on paper).  All along, making these photographs of the shopping cars, I thought this passage by Burroughs might make its way into the series and the final product.


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