White Out

I went out photographing one night late last winter, probably in March.  It was an amazing night.  Very cold, a total white out.  I only went a couple of blocks from my house, and only made a couple of pictures.  I do like both the pictures, however, and probably aged my camera by 20 years in just 45 minutes.

Not long after it started, the snow was already half way up to my knees, and still was coming down ferociously.  This was the first of the two pictures, made looking up a steep hill, still no car tracks in the street.  Off to the left is a small street sign hanging upside down, reading Caution Children at Play (a subtlety in this picture I like very much).  The falling snow made wonderful light distortions on the lens as I looked up at the lights.

The snow fall diminished a little in the 40 minutes it took to make the first picture.  I was then struck by the quiet of this small cottage just off the street.


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